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Program Starts 22 February, 2021 | Pre- Assessment On-Going | 12 Week Program with Live Training

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Our online Cloud Native Developer program takes 21K Skills + Galvanize’s industry-tested curriculum, schedule, and makes it available wherever you call home. You'll learn from instructors face-to-face over state-of-the-art conferencing software, pair program with classmates almost every day of the course, and have the option to socialize during special after-hours events. This is a live course with a rigid schedule and is not self-paced.


In the first half of the class, students are in an immersive learning environment where they build a full stack application using agile/xp practices (including TDD, Extreme Programming, incremental design, etc.). During the second half of the class, students are back in the work environment pairing with 21K Skills + Galvanize Instructors to complete actual company projects. This ensures that the techniques learned in the in-class portion stick with the students as they move back into their work environments.

While students work through problems instructors make themselves available over the ‘Learn’ platform. Instructors help students debug programming problems and unblock students while getting a sense of topics the class, as a whole, may be missing for quick-hit review as a group.

Learn Alongside the Brightest Minds

Our highly motivated students come from a variety of backgrounds like data analysis, engineering, and mathematics. You’ll learn to code alongside a cohort of driven peers and develop meaningful connections with our world-renowned faculty and career services team, who come together to help you identify strengths, define goals, and connect you to our 2,250+ hiring partners.

Learn from Expert Cloud Native Developer Bootcamp Instructors

Our team of experienced, full-time instructional faculty utilize real-world case studies to teach best practices in statistical analysis, machine learning, natural language processing and data visualization that will prepare you for a successful career in Data Science.

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Learning Experience

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Apply for the course for free to get access to an online pre-assessment test & preparation material. Based on your prior expertise you may require anywhere between 0-6 weeks to finish the study material provided to you. The study material is provided free of cost and is for the purpose of getting you prepared for the course.


Students with some level of proficiency in the chosen languages (such as Java, JavaScript, C#, etc.). Individuals who have basic knowledge but are not actively using them in day-to day environment. If you fall in this category you will need 3-6 weeks to go over the preparatory material.


Students who have fairly good grip in the chosen languages (such as Java, JavaScrit, C# etc) If you fall in this category you can try the pre-assessment test straight away. If you do not get the requisite score then we recommend going over the pre-course work material and taking another shot withing 1- 3 weeks


Students who have been using their chosen language in their daily work routine and projects and have a solid foundation. We recommend you take the pre-assessment and start working on the pre-course work material.

Pre Course Work

The pre- course work material will only be shared with the candidates who wish to continue with the program and have successfully cleared the pre-assessment test. For those who wish to take up the program but have not cleared the pre-assessment test, you have the option of taking the test again.

Cloud Native Developer

The 12 week program begins for all qualified students on 22 February, 2021. For the full-time course we suggest you put in 6-8 hours a day to successfully graduate from the program.


The training shall cover Cloud computing fundamentals for major platform from Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google including but not limited to, System Operations; Security Operations, comprehensive Cloud/Datacenter monitoring, Administration as well as DevOps on each platform; will be covered in detail.

The training shall also cover Agile software development practices and the basics of source control and issue tracking; Front-end development with JavaScript, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Bootstrap; Back-end development using Java and Spring Boot and Spring MVC.

Week 1-6

In course weeks one through six Client Participants are in a full-time, immersive classroom environment. Lessons include a mix of direct instruction and lab time. During the first six weeks, Galvanize Instructors teach an outside-in test-driven process for delivering a feature that is utilized throughout the remainder of the course. Students use and refine their understanding of this process in Weeks seven through twelve through direct product development.

Week 1

Intro to XP, XP Inceptions, JavaScript Fundamentals, TDD in JavaScript, XP Inception, Higher-order Functions, Asynchronous Callbacks, Closures

Week 2

Classes and Inheritance, Test-doubles, JS Framework (Angular/React), Advanced TDD, Story Writing, XP IPM, Pair Programming

Week 3

Advanced Git, 12 Factor Apps, Continuous Delivery (including initial introduction to cloud deployment technology), Layout for Developers, Microservice Fundamentals

Week 4

Packages, access modifiers, and scope, Reflection, Dependency Injection, Mocking, Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript

Week 5

Promises, Microservice Development and Testing, Working with Databases/ORMs, Database migrations, JS Framework Patterns, External configuration and cloud administration fundamentals

Week 6

Async and await, Isolating impure functions in JS frameworks, User acceptance testing, XP Principles, XP Incremental Design

Week 7-12

In the final six weeks of the program, the Cohort will be broken into teams of 5 - 7 developers (or will break into pre-existing teams) to work on an application or product, using the techniques, practices, and technologies that they learned in the first 8 weeks of the program.

The goal for this course is that the students will be able to develop a new product, or work on an existing application/project, to reinforce familiarity with how their new skill sets can be applied in the context of their normal roles. The students will write their own user stories, get an understanding of how functional XP teams interact with project managers and product owners, and use test-driven development and XP values, principles, and best practices.

During this period, 21K Skills + Galvanize Instructors will work alongside each group of students to provide continued mentoring, pair program, help troubleshoot issues that arise, and encourage XP best practices.

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What our alumni think

Eric Levin

“The curriculum seems to be perfectly formed... with short, interactive lectures followed by immediately heading over to our workstations and implementing assignments based on the content we just learned.”

Austin Krauss

“I wouldn't be where I am today without Galvanize. I started my journey with little experience in data science, but I emerged from the program within multiple job offers in the field.”

Puneet Lahoty

“The community of Galvanize was hands-down the best part of the experience. The immersive program trained me to develop grit & a strong work ethic that eventually led me to quickly landing a new job!”

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