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Program Starts 5 April, 2021 | Pre-Assessment Started | 12 Week Program with Live Training

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Our online Cybersecurity bootcamp takes 21K Skills + Galvanize’s industry-tested curriculum, schedule, and makes it available wherever you call home. You'll learn from instructors face-to-face over state-of-the-art conferencing software, pair program with classmates almost every day of the course, and have the option to socialize during special after-hours events. This is a live course with a rigid schedule and is not self-paced.

Learn Alongside the Brightest Minds

  • Identify and protect: scanning, application restrictions, whitelisting
  • Detect: network capture, honey techniques, log auditing
  • Respond: live triage, malware analysis, memory acquisition
  • Recover: patching, events & incident sharing, kill chain mapping

Learn Alongside the Brightest Minds

Our highly motivated students come from a variety of backgrounds like data analysis, engineering, and mathematics. You’ll learn to code alongside a cohort of driven peers and develop meaningful connections with our world-renowned faculty and career services team, who come together to help you identify strengths, define goals, and connect you to our 2,250+ hiring partners.

Learn from Expert Cybersecurity Bootcamp Instructors

Our team of experienced, full-time instructional faculty utilize real-world case studies to teach best practices in statistical analysis, machine learning, natural language processing and data visualization that will prepare you for a successful career in Data Science.

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Learning Experience

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Apply for the course for free to get access to an online pre-assessment test & preparation material. Based on your prior expertise you may require anywhere between 0-6 weeks to finish the study material provided to you. The study material is provided free of cost and is for the purpose of getting you prepared for the course.


Students with some level of proficiency in computing, networking and security. Individuals who have basic knowledge but are not active practitioners. If you fall in this category you will need 3-6 weeks to go over the preparatory material.


Students who have fairly good grip on computing, networking and security with programming knowledge. If you fall in this category you can try the pre-assessment test straight away. If you do not get the requisite score then we recommend going over the pre-course work material and taking another shot withing 1- 3 weeks


Students who are expert programmers & have expertise in computing, networking and security. We recommend you take the pre-assessment and start working on the pre-course work material.

Pre Course Work

The pre- course work material will only be shared with the candidates who wish to continue with the program and have successfully cleared the pre-assessment test. For those who wish to take up the program but have not cleared the pre-assessment test, you have the option of taking the test again.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The 12 week program begins for all qualified students on 5 April, 2021. For the full-time course we suggest you put in 6-8 hours a day to successfully graduate from the program.


Week 1: Security Essentials

Go deeper into the command line, networking, and python. Linux Command Line, Windows Command Line, Practical Networking (Networking basics, intro to networking and HTTP, Data Encoding, Data transmission and capture, Authentication and cookings, application layer protocols (SSH, FTP, etc.)

Week 2: Security Essentials Continued

Get started with Bash scripting. Python for Security: python review, dictionaries, interpreter and compilers, reading and parsing with python, requests in python, socket in python.

Week 3: Understanding Your Target

Overview of pen-testing and goals, understanding the enterprise environment, passive recon, active recon, vulnerability scanning, common protocols and fingerprints, detailing assessment tools, recon assessment

Week 4: Exploit Your Target

Shells and payloads, footholds, searchsploit, Msfconsole, Generating shells, from foothold to exploit

Week 5: Escalate Your Privileges + Project

Vulnerable services, improperly set permissions, hash and password dumping, plus team hackathon project.

Week 6: NIST Cybersecurity Framework Intro

NIST Cybersecurity Framework introduction. Identify: threat modeling, asset mapping, vulnerability scanning

Week 7: NIST Protect

Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, identify management

Week 8: NIST Detect

Intro to logs, splunk basics, splunk hunting, log hunting, digital forensics

Week 9: NIST Respond

Incident response, response techniquest, incident management

Week 10: Recover

Postmortems, incident recovery, security in software development

Weeks 11 - 12: Final project

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What our alumni think

Eric Levin

“The curriculum seems to be perfectly formed... with short, interactive lectures followed by immediately heading over to our workstations and implementing assignments based on the content we just learned.”

Austin Krauss

“I wouldn't be where I am today without Galvanize. I started my journey with little experience in data science, but I emerged from the program within multiple job offers in the field.”

Puneet Lahoty

“The community of Galvanize was hands-down the best part of the experience. The immersive program trained me to develop grit & a strong work ethic that eventually led me to quickly landing a new job!”

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